Help Elect a Democrat in this Historic Election

Write in Suzanne Story for Board of Supervisors District 4


Write Suzanne Story in black or blue ink in the space provided for Maricopa Board of Supervisors District 4.



Fill in the bubble next to Suzanne’s name once you’ve written it.


You’ve just done your part in electing a Democrat in District 4. If we don’t receive enough write-in votes for Suzanne, there will be NO DEMOCRAT on the ballot in November!

About Suzanne Story

Suzanne is running as a write-in candidate for the county Board of Supervisors in supervisory district 4. Dedicated to equity, transparency and the responsible stewardship of our county resources, Suzanne believes in honest communication and the essential values of integrity and fairness. Suzanne Story stands firmly against conflicts of interest by public office holders.

As a WRITE IN candidate, Suzanne depends on you to write her name on the primary ballot and fill in the circle next to it! Early voting starts July 8th. Election Day is August 4th.

Psst…Want to help spread the word?

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