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Find your Legislative District (LD)

The Maricopa County Democratic Party is organized primarily along Legislative Districts, and you will be able to participate and help out at all levels (from school boards up to statewide and federal races) through your local Legislative District (LD), in addition to opportunities offered at MCDP.

Below, you will find a listing of those legislative districts, along with the names and contact information for the district chairs, and finally, the monthly meeting locations.

If you’re not sure which legislative district you live in, click here to look it up by your address.

The information provided below may change without notice. Please check the calendar but contact the District Chair (listed below) for up-to-the-date meeting date and location


1Chris Miller – LD1@maricopadems.org3rd Tuesday @ 7p
4Dr. Gerae Peten – LD4@maricopadems.org2nd Tuesday @ 6:30p
12Alex Cardona 3rd Monday @ 7p
13Gene Giordano – LD13@maricopadems.org2nd Monday @ 7p
15Joyce O’Daniel – LD15@maricopadems.org3rd Wednesday @ 7p
16Sharon Stinard – LD16@maricopadems.org2nd Monday @ 6:00p
17Steven Weichert –
1st Tuesday @ 7p
18Alison Porter – LD18@maricopadems.org2nd Monday @ 7p
19Devin Del Palacio – LD19@maricopadems.org1st Wednesday @ 7p
20Eric Shelley – LD20@maricopadems.org3rd Tuesday @ 7p
21José Quiñonez – LD21@maricopadems.org4th Tuesday @ 6:30p
22Cheri Tomlinson – LD22@maricopadems.org3rd Thursday @ 6:00p

Victoria Kauzlarich –

3rd Thursday @ 6:00p
24Deborah Nardozzi – LD24@maricopadems.org2nd Thursday @ 7p
25Iain Hamp – LD25@maricopadems.org3rd Thursday @ 7p
26Julie Golding – LD26@maricopadems.org2nd Tuesday @ 6:30p
27Patrick Brown – LD27@maricopadems.org2nd Wednesday @ 7p
28Lucy Marshall – LD28@maricopadems.org1st Tuesday @ 7p
29Monica Pimentel –
1st Wednesday @ 630p
(No meeting in July)
30Crystal Carrillo – 2nd Monday @ 6:00p


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