PHOENIX – The Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP) releases the following:

While MCDP welcomes Gov. Ducey’s gesture for a peaceful transition of power by attending Joe Biden’s Inauguration on January 20th, the state he will represent at our nation’s capital is in a state of crisis due to COVID-19.

Yet again, Arizona is among the leaders for COVID-19 infections per capita. Today, ABC obtained a White House report that outlines clear recommendations for Gov. Ducey and his team.

The report indicates that Arizona is in full COVID-19 resurgence” and must aggressively address community spread as there is no evidence of improvement.”

MCDP is concerned that Gov. Ducey is focused on issues outside of Arizona, while the state the represents reported 7,311 new cases and 182 deaths today.

His lack of a response to the COVID-19 outbreak in Arizona is an apparent failure in leadership. He has had time and federal money to ensure our communities are protected. Instead, he neglected those he was elected to serve, and there are now rumors that he is seeking higher political office.

During the time COVID-19 has rampaged through Arizona, Doug Ducey has not:

– Issued a statewide mask mandate

– Issued policy or guidelines when it comes to new people entering the state of Arizona

– Correctly managed CARES Act dollars, which was meant for the most vulnerable in our county and state. He instead used this money to bolster a “rainy day fund”

Our communities are upset and hurt at this failure in leadership. Ducey’s concern for Biden’s Inauguration is a slap in the face to the communities who have seen loved ones die or have spent weeks in ICUs. MCDP is confident that in 2022, Arizonans will express their disgust with Ducey and the GOP during the midterm elections.


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