"The most important job I ever held was that of Precinct Committeeman." Harry Truman

Become a Precinct Committee Member

Advantages and opportunities:

●      Have access to more information about issues and policy than is found in mainstream media.

●      Gain insight into what is really going on inside the Party and the government.

●      Get to know your elected officials and candidates on a personal basis and give them feedback.

●      Make your voice heard more effectively than as just being a registered voter.

●      Participate in the decision-making process in the Party.

●      Vote for the leadership of the Party at all levels: precinct, LD, county, state, and national.

●      Belong to a social network at precinct, LD, county, and state levels with people who share your values and beliefs.

●      Meet new, like-minded friends in your neighborhood and become an active, integral part of it.

●      Gain experience to prepare you for greater responsibility within the Party in the future.

●      Become an elected official!

●      As a future candidate for elected office, gain:

o   Visibility and network with current elected officials.

o   Opportunities to be appointed to local, county, or state Boards and Commissions.

o   Knowledge about the mechanics of a campaign and the election process.

o   Support from the Democratic Party to run for office in the future.


Duties and responsibilities:

●      Stay informed about local and national issues and candidates and share Democratic ideas with other voters.

●      Attend your district monthly meetings.

●      Attend all MCDP County Conventions

●      Attend training sessions to improve skills and effectiveness as a PC.

●      Help gather signatures and collect clean election $5s to support our candidates.

●      Support whoever is the nominee of the Democratic Party after the primary.

●      Respect all other PC’s and candidates. We are all in this together as Democrats.

●      Educate voters in your precinct about the Democratic Party, its nominees, and issues. Help make sure your neighbors are registered and will vote.

●      Build relationships with Democrats in your precinct by door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, and/or organizing informational gatherings for candidates, issues or values.

●      Find precinct volunteers to assist with Democratic Party activities like canvassing, phone banking, informational gatherings, and social media networking.

●      Sign up voters in your precinct for the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL).

●      Help GOTV (Get Out the Vote) when ballots are mailed and on Election Day.

●      Support the Party financially in a meaningful way to you.

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