About MCDP

Our VIsion

MCDP is dedicated to being a well-organized, effective political organization that is prepared to win local, state, and national elections.

Our Mission

MCDP works to elect Democrats to public office who embrace the values of the Democratic Party.

To further this mission, MCDP:


Works to increase the number of registered Democratic voters


Recruits, trains, and promotes registered Democrats as candidates for elected office; supports their campaigns, and assists them in office

Works for and promotes accurate, transparent, and fair elections

Works to get out the vote

Conducts other activities as appropriate to strengthen and promote the aims and objectives of the Democratic Party

Raises funds to support the above activities and to advance our mission

What we stand For

Our Platform

The Maricopa County Democratic Party has developed the following platform – a living doctrine that can be adjusted and changed with the times. We agree these important objectives align with the principles of our diverse party and constituents.

  • Diversity and equity for all are what strengthens our communities and party.
  • Private, for-profit prisons must be eliminated.
  • No border wall. No immigration ban. Stop the deportations. No human being is illegal.
  • Every citizen has the right to vote.
  • People’s voices and grassroots movements to elicit change cannot be ignored. The right to peaceably protest must be protected.
  • We must overturn “Right to Work” and build strong unions (both private and public sector) that will help provide better living wages for workers. Ban the box!
  • We believe in a strong separation of church and state.
  • Public education must be properly funded and teachers should receive the pay they deserve. Public schools are our priority – not vouchers.
  • The right to call for referendum is vital to free society.
  • Climate change is real. It must be addressed immediately.
  • Black Lives Matter.
  • All People should have equal status and protection under the law regardless of gender, race, disability/ability, religious affiliation or lack thereof, sexual orientation, or gender identity.
  • Women’s rights are human rights. The right to choose is essential to women’s rights.
  • Disability rights are civil rights. A barrier-free, inclusive, diverse community empowers and values each individual while creating autonomy, opportunity, and dignity.
  • Healthcare is an inalienable right and there should be universal healthcare for all.
  • Higher education is not a luxury. College, trade schools, and universities should be, as stated in the state constitution, as “nearly free as possible”.
  • We support the rights of all tribal people and their sovereignty rights.
  • Corporations are not people. Dark money must be removed from politics.
  • We support net neutrality. The internet must remain free from corporate control.
  • Equal pay for equal work.

Meet Us

MCDP Executive Board

Steven Slugocki


Carol MaAs

First Vice Chair

Lynsey Robinson

Second Vice Chair

Roberta Neil Miller


Tom Krepitch


Patrick Seifter

Sargent At Arms

Meet Us

MCDP Staff

Maritza Miranda Saenz

Executive Director

Laura Copple

Field Director

Brooklynne Sundseth

Development Director

Get In Touch

Maricopa County Democratic Party
2914 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012



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