2019 Summer Convention Minutes

The below 2019 Summer Convention minutes will be voted on to be approved at the Maricopa County Democratic Party’s 2019 Winter Convention on December 14th.

Minutes for MCDP Summer Convention

July 27, 2019 – Madison Center for the Arts

2:05 Darcy Renfro, President of Madison Center for the Arts leads Pledge of Allegiance.

2:08 Debbie Nez Manuel from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community recognizes indigenous communities in Maricopa County and gives thanks to the indigenous people of Maricopa County.

2:12 Charlene Fernandez, State Legislator in District 4 of the Arizona House of Representatives gives the legislative update.

2:20 Steven Slugocki, MCDP Chair

· Presents minutes from the MCDP 2018 Winter Convention.

· Motion to approve Minutes made, and seconded, and Minutes approved by acclamation.

Slugocki presents Agenda for current Summer Convention

· Motion to Approve Agenda made by Tonya McBeth, seconded by Janet Kiefer of LD17, approved by acclamation.

– Presents highlights of MCDP accomplishments for first 6 months in 2019, which included launching an Education Committee chaired by Jennifer Chastain.

– 2019 Treasurer’s Report presented.

– Introduces 2019 county-wide candidates, noting that in 2000 there was 1 county-wide candidate, whereas in 2019 there are currently 10 county-wide candidates who have filed.

– The Maricopa County candidates introduced are: Adrian Fontes, Recorder, Paul Penzone, Sheriff, Dr. Linda Thor, MC Community College Board, Julie Gunnigle, County Attorney, Robert McWhirter, County Attorney, Ryan Tait, County Attorney, Jeanne Casteen, School Superintendent, Jennifer Samuels, School Superintendent, Dan Toporek, Treasurer, Aaron Connor, Assessor.

– LD Chairs Introduced.

– Volunteers, staff and sponsors are thanked.

2:40 Communications Manager for MCDP, Edder Martinez is introduced by Steven Slugocki

Edder Martinez introduces himself and tells his personal story.

2:50 Lynsey Robinson – MCDP 2nd Vice Chair, is introduced and tells her personal story

3:00 Adrian Fontes, MC Recorder, addresses the convention, and makes the point for the importance of the local races, in particular, county-wide races, in 2020.

3:15 Greg Stanton – 9th District US Congressional Representative stresses the need for emphasis on local politics and issues, such as the need for reliable mass transit.

3:30 Carol Maas – MCDP 1st Vice Chair addresses the Convention about building the MCDP volunteer base.

· 301 new PCs have been added since January 1, 2019

· LD 15 – has added 53 new Pcs since January under the leadership of Mary Witzel.

3:35 Rebecca Dominguez – addresses the Convention as a young Democrat and person of color

· In 2016 she was the youngest delegate to attend the Democratic National Convention as a Bernie delegate

· She stresses the inclusivity and diversity of the Democratic Party

3:40 Video message from Julian Castro is played.

3:45 Patrick Seifter, MCDP Sergeant-at-Arms Introduces proposed MCDP by-law amendments.

· First proposed by-law amendment – after discussion, passes by majority vote.

· Second by-law amendment – after much discussion and a number of objections, Deedra Aboud moves to table the amendment until the Winter Convention; the motion is seconded and passed by acclamation.

4:00 Maritza Miranda Saenz, MCDP Executive Director makes a final ask for contributions.

4:05 Steven Slugocki, Chair, makes closing remarks.

4:08 Motion to adjourn made, seconded and approved by acclamation.


Minutes by R. Neil Miller, MCDP Secretary

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